Rejection: Why Must We Fear It?


“You better get comfortable with rejection,” a voice whispered. “What?!? I don’t accept that,” I responded. “Rejection is a part of the growth process so you have to deal with it. Think about this, you might try something new on the menu of a local restaurant and not like it.  Rejected! Or you might read something and toss it aside because it doesn’t feed you mentally or spiritually at which point you decide it’s not best to continue. You have to be militant with your use of time. Rejected! Or you just be yourself one day and someone gives you a stank face. You know you’re putting your best foot forward and yet, that face of disgust comes out of nowhere and throws you off. I say this to bring home the point that you should expect rejection if you expect to grow. I’m not saying to expect the worst in people; rather be prepared for the worst but still be your best despite external influences. Don’t waste time reading into the expression and finding out the reason for it either. Instead continue doing you and be open to rejection’s role as an unannounced visitor in your life. Also, remember that rejection is almost always part of any interesting story you’ve heard or read so embrace it as a part of yours and keep it moving. Stay encouraged!”

Much ♥♥♥

Selah V


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